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new member of the family....

Meet Col. Mustard.....





His full coloring won't come out for another year or so.... he is SUCH a lil gem!
gage0921 said:
The green is beautifull

You can't see it, but his back is a BRILLIANT turquoise

you can see it a bit in this massive picture.... in person he is AMAZING!

There's a joke in here somewhere....

birdbrain......gone to the birds.....a bird in the hand...

nah, I got nuthin.

Nice bird Joel!

In college I lived with a guy who had a hand-fed baby parrot. He used to go all around with the thing on his shoulder while it crapped all over him. Used to let it fly all around the house too. Miserable little bugger. I'll stick with my cat.
I dunno Joel, this sounds like a case of love at first flight to me.. I used to know a joke about Col. Mustard and a broken toilet.
Hey Joel,

Who was the visionary that realized that Meyers Parrots grow some yellow plumage on their head, and came up with the fantastically ingenious name "Colonel Mustard" for that cute little bird of yours? Whoever he is, I think you should buy him a beer for that little gem of a name.

Cliff, That's a beautiful looking bird as well!

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