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Guess I should say hello and intro myself. Not new to shaving but entirely new to this online shaving world.

I've used a safety razor my entire face shaving life. Almost 35 years now. My grandfather taught me how to shave. I have his old razor now and my first. Gillette toggle and a slim. I used barbasol at first as that's what he used. Over the years tried some Gillette gels. At some point I started using Cremo and have used ever since. I've never used a brush or soaps. Only ever used two types of blades too. Some Gillette Silver in a blue box that my grandfather used. And at some point started using Astra SP and have been using ever since for probably a couple decades now.

I have also been shaving my head for probably 15 years or more. Don't know exactly when I stopped buzz cutting and switched to shaving. But I do use a Gillette Mach 3 for that. I'm always open for a single/de blade replacement for it.

I find this forum extremely fascinating and never thought about a site like this. I love all the discussions and even more the amazing photos so many on here take. I stumbled across this forum after looking at some vintage razors which I'm not really a collector so much but looking for a razor for my son and his first shave some day soon.

I don't change so much what I do or use but get the occasional present of something shaving related every year from myself or from family.

Don't know what else to put here and feel like I'm rambling.
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Welcome! That is super cool that you have your grandfather's wisdom as well as his tools. I remember as a child gazing at a gold Gillette razor on my grandfather's dresser and thinking it was the most beautiful gentlemanly classy thing I had ever seen. It sat on his dresser while a comparatively dull TTO was his daily driver in the medicine cabinet. How I wish I knew what ever happened to those two gems.

I shaved the dome for years with Harry's cartridges for the cost. After discovering gentlemanly shaving two years ago, the Henson medium was the first razor to give me a BBS on the back of the head; smoother than a Gillette Fusion could get. i also enjoy the Leaf for its efficiency and use of DE blades.

If I had to pick one and only one head shaver, it would be the Schick injector (I have a G and J, which are great; never tried an E but from what I have read that would be good too; the later Schicks are a bit more mild and not my personal preference).

The real fun begins when getting into soaps and brushes. Come on in, the water is fine :):):)
Ha, thanks all. My slim was also his slim and I ended up deciding will be my son's slim to start with. I have a feeling he did the same and only started using the toggle after giving me the slim.

I do miss both grandfathers a lot and learned a lot from them.

I did try the leaf on my head and just wasn't as satisfied as I was with the Mach3. I'm just not very patient with my head like I am my face and neck. I haven't tried the Henson but I do have a high proof on order to try. If I'm not happy with that I'll probably try the Henson at some point after that. I have seen good reviews for the Henson for head shaving.
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Just to add another thing my grandfather did that I remember. Or I guess didn't do. He would rarely ever change his blades. The thing would be rusty when he changed them out. I have no idea how many shaves he got out of a blade or how his skin could handle it. I must have asked at some point why he waited so long but don't remember. I have to believe it was a depression era thing.

Needless to say there was a lot of rust staining on the razors that I had to clean out. I think the there's still some on the toggle.
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I did try the leaf on my head and just wasn't as satisfied as I was with the Mach3.
For me the Leaf wins on time efficiency, but not shaving/smooth efficiency. The Schick, Henson, Blackbird, Yates 921H, and Above The Tie SSRH win on BBS efficiency.
Thanks for the welcomes.

This was covered in rust stain. Still some in the corners I couldn't get to with out taking it apart. So imagine that dark brown coloring in the corners covering practically everything you see.

Welcome aboard!

If I may advise on one thing, please don’t let anyone tell you you only need one blade to shave or that cartridges are bad, they are both simply not true for some of us! Use what works for you and forget what anyone says. It’s just noise.

With that said, enjoy your journey!
Thanks! It's nice seeing all the variety on here. Doesn't really tempt me much.

I like trying different aftershaves. I wouldn't mind finding something different for the head but not critical. I do have a few razors I cycle through but not looking to buy another now. I actually just got one for myself. Last time I bought one for myself was several years ago. It's fun trying new ones my family buys me from time to time.
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