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New member here from New Zealand.

Just saying a friendly HELLO to all members as a recent new member. Returning from years of cartridge and even worse years of Phillips electric shaves. Have started off with a Henson medium shaver, Proraso white preshave and soap, Proraso blue range, Cube 2 mentholated preshave soap and Cella bio croap. Using Osram Alum block with Nivea or Proraso blue after shave balm. Simpson T2 synthetic brush and a groovy old ceramic bowl for lathering. I've been through quite a few brands of blades but settling on the Gillette Platinums as my fave so far. Great combination of sharpness and smoothness for me. Never shave after a shower as I shower before bed. Shave in the afternoon every 2nd sometimes 3rd day. I am from Taranaki, New Zealand and look forward to some conversations from all the knowledgeable members on here. Cheers. Muz


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Welcome to the forum from Australia. Search the forum for The Great Southern Land forum in the Barber Shop. All things Australia and New Zealand.
Welcome to B&B! It sounds like you have excellent kit put together already. Please come join us at the Henson Razor Club on here. It's a little daunting to get through all the posts, but there is a lot of good information.
Welcome to B&B!
My shave/shower routine is somewhat similar to yours. I shower in the morning and shave in the evening. Shaving every other day.
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