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Welcome to B&B, jump right in! What are some of the razors and gear you already enjoy using?
Found a nice Gillette Thin cap Old Type recently to go along with my vintage Super Speeds & Krona/Eversharp razors. I also got a Gamechanger .68 for xmas😁
Been stocking up on a few recommended soaps from the usual suspects (A&E, PAA, WK, B&M, Zingari, etc)
Not just my endorsement, most regular SR shavers here feel the same. Before (if) you start SR shaving, make sure that you are prepared for the initial time commitment to learn the gentlemanly art.

When ready, the Straight Razor forum on B&B will guide you.


I'll second that motion. I've only been at it 6 years now, but I found in the beginning I had issues with a DE (which I've later corrected), but tried a straight within the first few months...I use straight razors more than DEs for sure.

For myself, DE's have their place, but I'm a straight razor guy from the beginning.
New member, not so new to wet shaving with de safety razors.
My current setup is based on a Merkur Futur coupled with Astra Green blades as a travel do-it-all razor, a Muhle R89 paired with Personna Platinum blades for when I'm lazy and I don't whant to power on my brain for shaving, a Merkur 39C slant bar closed comb de safety razor and a Fatip "Lo Storto" open comb slant bar de safety razor, both paired with Kai stainless steel blades, that I use as everyday regular shaving tools for my beard. I use Fatip "Lo Storto" oc also for my head and body shave (I'm an agonist athlete).
My brushes are a EJ best badger and a Simpson Trafalgar T3 synthetic brush. I usually prefer bowl lathering to face lathering, as I don't need much exfoliation and the climate and daily activities do stress my skin a lot.
I'm a fan of shaving creams, especially sandalwood and other woody-warm-leathery scents. I use TOBS, Dr. Harris, Geo F Trumper, Proraso and Truefit & Hill sandalwood shaving creams. I recently found my golden solution using TOBS Organic shaving cream with 2-3 drops of pure sandalwood essential oil directly in the shaving bowl. Less complex bouquet, but totally sandalwood.
Im new Here, Chris age 65 from New Zealand.
In my younger days used Single Blades, more lately i have used cartridges from Clubs such as Dollar Shave club. Electric Razors Ive used as well. Then I had beards and today I shaved a big one off.
Im an RN working in a Tertiary Hospital and likely need to wear N95 masks which means the demise of my beard.
I decided to try the Henson AL13 medium aggression Razor in Red. I needed to by some Shaving Soap so got the Proraso Menthol and Eucalypsis Shaving soap and the accompanying after shave. Boy was I impressed. At 1st I thought it wasnt working as it was so smooth.
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