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Welcome fellow Canadian, Cezar. I may have a little more life experience than you but not the same DE experience. I have both the Karve brass and a Rockwell 6C. Both have the advantage of adjustability. I prefer the Karve for me. It is slightly more expensive than Rockwell especially if you wish to purchase more plates but it is well within your budget. The Karve seems to me a bit more precise and gives me a better result. I love the patina that is developing on mine. No special care except to clean off the soap scum when I change blades.

Looking forward to advice you can offer as time goes.
Something else just got on my radar guys. What are your thoughts on the Feather AS-D2? This or Karve CB in brass? Wildly different options. Karve has many plate options and arguably more character for the brass, also significantly cheaper and domestically made in my case. Is the Feather worth considering as an alternative?
I haven't tried either, so can't help much.

That said, the Feather has a reputation of being very mild. I like the patina and character with brass and multiple plates.

Up to you!
In case anyone is interested, it has been a few weeks of research, browsing, and indecision. Last night I made a decision and pulled the trigger on it. I should clarify, it’s actually a gift from my wife that I’ll be unwrapping on Christmas Day. I don’t usually receive big gifts, I like to give more then receive and if I want something I’ll usually get it for myself. Last year I got a BBQ scraper. My wife wanted to get me something special this time and she let me pick it out.

I was 100% sold on the Karve in brass. Then I spent some time thinking it over. Realized I didn’t really want to deal with patina and maintaining brass. Looked at the stainless Karve… meh, expensive and seems somehow less special then the brass. So then I started looking at RR game changer. Really nice machined stainless razor, tons of good feedback from users, excellent value and domestically made… but I kept thinking about it. Then the feather asd2 briefly caught my eye. Nah… back to the game changer.

And then I stumbled upon something that had previously slipped under my radar. I don’t know what came over me, but when I saw it I had to have it. I did some reading and reaffirmed that it had all the qualities I was looking for in a razor. And then it went on sale 24% off for Black Friday. I’m talking about Tatara Masamume. And because this is my first new razor since I started DE shaving many years ago, I decided to go all in and ordered the matching Tatara/Semogue finest badger brush as well 👌.

Needless to say I’m very much looking forward to Christmas this year. I’ll have to pick up an obligatory tube of Musgo Real to compliment my new addition. I’ll be using the standard matte Masamune with SB plate. I plan on trying it with lots of different blades, I feel as if the mild geometry of this razor will work well for me with a very sharp blade. I may add a Nodachi top cap in the future if I feel that’s necessary.

I will probably still add a game changer to my den at some point because I just can’t ignore that value. I’ll definitely be ordering some soft goods from Razorock/Italian Barber. I really like what that company is doing offering top notch products at very reasonable prices. But when I saw the Tatara I couldn’t look away.

That’s my little rant for the day.

Welcome to B&B. The Gamechanger .84 with a Feather blade is my go to for everyday shaves. I don’t like Feather blades in any other razor, but the GC really makes them shine. I also use a Wunderbar with any blade for the times when I haven’t shaved in 5-6 days. The Wunderbar shaves through stubble like a hot knife through butter. I have 15-16 other razors, new and vintage, that just sit in the drawer now.
Welcome to the forum. I am new, here, too. I do not have many of the razors mentioned. Too rich for me. I do have the Game Changer .84-P and the .68-P. I have a Henson standard and a medium, as well. I also have an EJ DE89. I actually got the Game Changer with both heads. When I don't shave for a few days (rare) I like the 84. However, day to day I prefer the 68, even though it takes an extra pass. It is so much smoother on my face. The Henson's are very smooth and gentle and seem to do nothing, that is, until you feel your face and realize the hair is gone. They are also made in Canada and there is a Ti version with even more aggression, right now. I grew up shaving with a Gillette Fatboy and Slim and another one I can't remember the model and those are the only ones to which I can compare. For me, the GC 68 is less cut prone on my face and the Hensons are, well Hensons are miracles. They are more like cartridge razors on my face. No worries at all.
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