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New Kitchen Trash Can?

I was hoping you gents could provide me with opinions on something tangentially related to cooking: kitchen trash cans!

I have a tall (13 gallon) kitchen trash can at home that is on its last legs. I am overwhelmed by the number of trash cans on the internet.

My criteria are pretty simple. It should be 13 gallons, have a foot pedal, have a pedal / open on the short side rather than the long side, and not have a bunch of fancy junk (e.g., installed electronic air purifiers) that I don’t need. I don’t care that much about how pretty it is – function is more important than form.

Do any of you have any recommendations?
2 years ago we had the same criteria except opening on the short side. We went to Walmart got their stainless steel and black version pedal lift can. Pricey for a trash can but the mechanism has had no issues. It is oval.
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