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New Keyhole and 3 others


Biblical Innards
The Keyhole is something I started this morning and I think it is going to be a Keeper :)
Made of Ash ,Rosewood , Cocobolo.
The other 3 are both Cocobolo and Rosewood .
Again I am Guilty of starting and not staying with one handle at a time
A keeper.jpg
A keeper 3.jpg
That bottom one (unfinished) is amazing. Just wax it and hang it on the Christmad tree! As usual, your eye for grain and abilities are amazing.
Absolutely stunning. You really have outdone yourself. I love the wood you choose.

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Dude, that keyhole is slick! I love the segmenting on it. I agree with the others about the bottom one, the grain is beautiful.
You make such amazing handles, Steve. Keep it up! I wish you'd record yourself making these. I'd watch that on YouTube all day long!
I tried a CA finish on my last brush handle. I do not have the technique down, it looked terrible. Luckily I was able to sand it smooth and it looks really good now.

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