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Hey everyone. I started wet shaving back in 2013 when I finally got fed up with the constant neck irritation from my previous cartridge razor. I had no idea shaving could be so much more comfortable and enjoyable.

I am just finishing up a puck of L'Occitane Cade and stumbled on this site while figuring what I wanted to order next. I couldn't settle on a single soap so I ordered DR Harris Marlboro, Tabac, and a tub of Cella. I should be set for a little while :)
Welcome to B&B.
I like Cella but have not tried the other two.
They all were highly regarded so I figured I would give them all a shot. Tabac is the wildcard for me. I bought it based on its performance, though the scent seems to be quite polarizing. I have seen so many varied descriptions of the scent I had to give it a shot for myself.