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Hey all, I'm new here. I'm in my early 20's. I used to shave with Mach 3's (when I turned 18, Gillette sent me a free Mach3) and plastic Bics. Currently I use a single-blade Bic razor with Aveeno shave gel.

Now, I've recently read into wet-shaving and I'm very interested... My grandfather still wet-shaves to this day and he's never had problems with skin irritation/bumps.

Anyways, I'm wondering if I may get some help with my beginner's set-up. My face does not grow tons of hair on the sides, however it's enough that I get annoying ingrown hairs on my jawline (the worst). Mainly I grow a lot of hair around my chin/neck/upper lip area. Here is what I have so far:

1. Merkur "classic" DE safety razor
2. Taylor's Avocado shave cream
3. [brush recommendation?]
4. [aftershave/toner advice?]

What kind of brush do you recommend me buying? As mentioned earlier, I do not grow a ton of facial hair, etc. I will put a $75 limit on a brush.

After I shave, my face is never really itchy or flaky, so I never put on a moisturizer (unless it's sunblock right after). Will I need to put on a toner after shaving? If so, I think "Thayers alcohol-free skin toner" would be nice.

Thanks much for the advice!
ras said:
I used to shave with Mach 3's (when I turned 18, Gillette sent me a free Mach3) and plastic Bics.

Does this marketing tactic strike anyone else as similar to what the credit card companies do to newly-minted college grads to get them "hooked" on credit?

An insidious practice--one step away from crack dealers (Crackstar--no offense meant!).:wink:
I would give Charles a call at QED about that first brush purchase. In fact, you can get everything on your list from him at the best prices on the net. You can probably find the Thayers Witch Hazel Toner at your local drugstore.

I am not sure where you are at, but another option is to visit a Crabtree & Evelyn store if there is one nearby. You can get a $35 Best Badger Brush which you will hear is praised from many people. While you are there you can pick up samples of their shave cream and balms. I really like how their products leave my face feeling. There soaps are great too...

If you aren't lucky enough to live close to one, I would definitely give Charles at QED a call. He is a pleasure to deal with. He is the kind of guy that will try to sell you what he feels is best for you, not what is more expensive. I talked to him about buying a brush 8 months ago and told him I wanted to spend no more than $100...he suggested an SR-208 which was only $58. Thats the kind of service you can expect...
The SR-208 brush is wonderful, and you can't go wrong at $60 or so. As for after shaves, the Thayers is fine. You might also check out Baxters balm if you like cooling sensations - very good product at a reasonable price.

Feel free to ask lots of questions!
Hey Ras,

I'm pretty new to the sport, also. My first and only brush is Vulfix #2333. Love it, but perhaps would be happier with a 2334 with a slightly larger handle (2333 is stubby). It seems the Vulfix "super" line is a great value.

I have a Merkur HD and am quite pleased with it.

I just got the Avocado -- great cream,. but I prefer the floral scents (rose & violet). If you want something grassy/organic, do try Musgo -- not too pricey, lathers great, and personally I love the scent.

Re: aftershave -- I recommend trumper's coral (rose) skin food, or the lime, but I like the rose. It doesn't seem to disinfect as much as others (no witch hazel?), but does have a remarkable property -- it seals your skin for a few hours.
Proraso & Musgo, especially the latter, have great balms. If you have oily skin, a splash might be better.

You know, there is so much out there, so here's a word of unsolicited advice -- take a look around this board and understand the difference between an enjoyable shave and an obsession!

Best Wishes,
Sorry, Marty -- I meant your enthusiasm for...whatever it is you do in the bathroom! Hey, we've all got our idiosynchrasies. Me, I love picking up a new product, but come on man, you guys are in deep. Ras, lay your uncorrupted eyes on the "shave porn" littering the photo galleries, and consider what's really going on here.
p.s. just got a new package in -- Trumpers Trafalgar...
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