New handle coming soon.

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    Here is a preview of what is going into the next handle I make.


    The Omega Boar is for me from a friend the shd badger is for a brush I am making him.
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    Nice looking knot. Will look forward to seeing the finished brush.
  2. You big tease! Hoping to see something nice with that knot set in it soon.
  3. So here is a little more teasing. This is the blank I made a while back when my friend said he wanted the brush. I made him a knife handle out of this black linen and fiberglass resin.
    I added brass shavings to the mix for the brush handle. If it works out I will be making a simular razor handle also. Any voids I find when I get the final shape will be filled with two-part epoxy and brass shavings. This is all experimental. If it doesn't work out I will make a new blank with flat layers of linen with the fiberglass resin..

    20190322_173541.jpg 20190322_173528.jpg
  4. WOW! That shows some real potential.
  5. Thanks. Its a crazy pattern to the linen. I just soaked it in the resin, sprinkled the brass shavings on and stuffed it into an old plastic spice jar. I figured the randomness of it all would ad some interesting "grain" pattern to it.

    Here is the next little teaser. I had a little time this morning to drill the knot hole and do a test fit, and turn the bulk of the blank closer to final diameter.

  6. Final shape and I was trying to partially part off so I could sand and fill voids and apply the Finish and it came off my sacrificial block. Now I have no good way of re-centering it and mounting it, so it will be all hand-finished from here on out.


    And here it is with the 2 part epoxy and brass shavings to fill voids.

  7. Had some time to work on the brush handle today. I figured out a good way to re-center it and do some powered sanding.
    I think it would be called a Cup Chuck.

    20190326_145102~2.jpg 20190326_145405~2.jpg

    I know my 4 jaw Chuck is a bit Rusty that's the problem with having all my equipment in a basement that gets wet sometimes.
    Anyways the Cup Chuck worked quite well and the live center fit in the divot left from the Foster bit I used to drill the knot hole.
    Once I did a bit of smoothing out I used the Cup Chuck to stabilize the handle and drilled a hole for a little bottle stopper mandrel I have. I carefully turned everything by hand, which worked out quite well. There is a little bit of run out but from now on everything will likely be done without turning the lathe on. This is just a convenient way of holding the the peace while I work on it. If I do need to do anything under power I can put it back in the Cup Chuck.


    And here it is with the first coat of CA.

  8. Looking good!
  9. Thank you. It's a very strange material to work with.
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    I like that you found a way .
    I sometimes use my spur center inside the cup and a padded circle of wood on the tail stock.
    Looking good Greg.
  11. Thank you. I need to dig around a bit and find my spur drive. Luckily I was all done with the shaping and this only needs enough hold pressure for sanding and finishing.
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    looking forward to seeing the finished product:a14:
  13. I guess I should have titled this thread, New handle coming EVENTUALLY!
  14. LOL!
  15. Interesting. Looking forward to seeing the finished brush. How does it turn? I haven't worked with resin yet but have ambitions to start soon.
  16. This material was kind of a pain to work with. It's the second project I've used it on but the first where I added the brass shavings into the Micarta. I have one more project to do with it, then I think I will take a break from linen Micarta for a while.

    20190402_131924_HDR~2.jpg 20190402_131908_HDR~2.jpg 20190402_131842_HDR~2.jpg
  18. Very nice looking brush
  19. Very nice!

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