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New guy with 2 old Gillette's found in house.

I would be concerned if you repair it that one, or more, of the edges won't be in line with how it originally was, & that could affect the shave. It could affect it to the point where you might get nicked on that edge either through more blade exposure or from a rough edge. Go ahead & try your hand at filing it since it is already damaged. Just be prepared for it to not shave properly. But who knows, it just may shave wonderfully! If all else fails, just shave with the other side only.

Thanks again. I'll give it a try without it first. It's a bit rough to the touch now but maybe if I do have to file it I can just take the sharp bits off the top.
1 down, 2 to go. I loaded it up with s persona blade and it shaved nicely. I'm definitely going to try to at least take the burrs off the top of the spot where it was dropped. It doesn't look new, but it's nice and clean.



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