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New guy here.what else do I need to try?

I don't even have to try the Veg to know it didn't choose me. Here's my heresy for the day: Pinaud Clubman isn't my favorite. I have decanted it into glass, and I'm trying to get it to grow on me, as I remember there always being a bottle of it on my grandfather's bathroom shelf when I was young. As it stands, I don't hate it, but I still smell overtones of baby powder and cat urine. If I get that from Clubman, I'm guessing going full-Vegetal is not in the cards. :biggrin1:

They are truly nothing alike. If you like aftershave as much as you seem to, you can't go to your grave without knowing if you are chosen! It may change your life.......or not.:thumbup:
You should give good ol' Witch Hazel a try.

Some days, I opt for a plain, simple shave. Nothing fancy. Just ARKO soap followed by a splash of Witch Hazel. Its the best I've found for skin-toning, and I splash it on all over my face, neck and hands, not just the beard.

Thayers is as good as WH gets ... they make numerous flavors of alcohol-free solution with aloe added, and you can get a super-mentholated version as well. Its more expensive than generic WH, but well worth it.

WH has numerous health-care applications. I keep several bottles on hand at all times and use it not just for shaving, but also to treat minor skin rashes, insect bites, cuts, burns, etc. I add some to the humidifier in my bedroom to help with congestion. I even use it sometimes as a final rinse when I brush my teeth.

When I do want to go fancy, Floris Santal is the top-of-the-line in my den. Although Sandalwood generally makes me itch when I put it on my skin, Santal goes on smooth and easy, and my skin feels smooth and clean and fresh for the rest of the day.
Thought I'd add one :
Rochas Man aftershave
It was the first one I bought and still a favourite. It smells nicer to me than the edt and is very soothing. Feels like it has a lot of glycerine or something. Kind of like a softer sweeter Old Spice perhaps.
At the other end of the scale is Suavecito Bay Rum which I have to brace myself for before applying. I then do a little dance on the spot 'till it calms down. Real Bay oil, alcohol and not much else.
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