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New guy checking in

Thanks for the kind words all!

I shaved again today. I can’t remember the last time I had a razor on my face twice in the same week.

Didn’t get as close this time, but I’m pacing myself.

I did 2 passes with the grain using my Slim Adjustable on “1”.

There’s a little discomfort in my normal trouble area (spiral on lower neck) but otherwise unprecedented for having JUST shaved on Sunday night.
Well, yesterday I picked up 2 more razors. One is an I-3 Flare tip, and the other is a NDC Super Speed ('48/'49/*early'50) which is in considerably better condition than my 1951 40's style Super Speed.

I also saw 2 slim adjustables, both 1963 in the box, for $50 each, so I had to pass on them, but I'm happy with the two I scrounged.

I shaved this morning, with the same everything; my '65 slim adjustable with an old Personna blade. I switched from setting "1" to setting "3" this time.

This morning was my 5th shave, but my first time stepping out of setting "1". I did a pass with the grain, then a second pass across, then a little bit of touch up, and would say this is the closest shave yet.

I'm loving this.

Would it be safe to assume a 40’s style Super Speed would be similar in aggressiveness to a Slim Adjustable on a “middle” setting like 3-5 or so?
I believe so. My experience suggests this.
Thanks for confirming! I’m sort of eyeballing the gap on my SS compared to the Slim at setting 4 and they look the same to me.

Just seems logical, knowing what I learned about Gillette’s progression to the trio after the SS then eventually to adjustables.

After how great the shave at setting 3 on my Slim is, I’m looking forward to being able to use the SS!
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