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New guy checking in

I've checked here at B&B for info many times in the past and since my DE collection seems to keep growing I thought I better just join up.

Been a DE shaver for a little over 8 years now and it's become an enjoyable hobby. After giving up on expensive cartridge razors that always gave me razor burn, I started with an Edwin Jagger DE89. Then my daily driver for several years was a Merkur 37C but lately, I have expanded out to collecting vintage Gillettes and other modern razors. Also have a Parker semi slant, an ikon B1 slant, and a Muhle R41 head that I use with the ikon bulldog handle. So far my old Gillettes are a short comb New, an L1 Slim adjustable, and an L2 Tech. And just today got a Rockwell 6C in chrome, looking forward to using it in the morning.

I guess I have what could be called the start of an eclectic collection. Looking forward to becoming part of this fine community.
🖖🏼 Peace and great shaves.
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