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New grips for my P64

I just got new grips (after a long wait) for my P64 from http://www.marschalgrips.com . They were worth the wait though and feel great in my hand! I really needed a beavertail or something to help mitigate the slide bite I get and this seems to do the trick.



Very nice. I've got larger hands and slide bite was definitely an issue with my p-64. I have of pair of Marschals as well, but have since gone back to original panels.

Nice! I like the asymmetry of the wooden grips.

How's the recoil on this little pistol? Many complain it's a bit peppery. (I've never fired one.)
Any specific reason you switched back? Nice piece btw!

Felt they were just too bulky. If you haven't switched out the hammer spring , I highly recommend you do it. Turned the trigger pull into something actually doable. I don't find the recoil to be any worse than many of the light pocket 9's out there. I only got mine because of the first shortage. The gun was cheap and there was tons of 9x18 ammo available.
First thing I did was the hammer spring. Huge difference. I also did the slide spring at the same time and that seemed to help mitigate some of the recoil. Then the trigger return spring broke so I replaced that.

Recoil isn't that bad and mine seems to be dead on accurate.
The Wolff Spring kit helps, but it's still "peppery".
I love the look of the grips, I've been eyeing the smaller size since my child like hands don't get bit ; )
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