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Just received the Futur I purchased on BST and all I can say is wow! Loaded it with a Dorco, mainly because sonnyrsg very generously PIFed me about 8 million of them, and set it to 2. Found it about as aggressive as my former go-to, the Fat Boy, set to 6 or 7. Then turned it all the way up to 6, its highest setting, for touchups under the jaw line. The result was outstanding. Can't wait to try it with as Astra and then with a Feather (my two favorite blades).

If you like aggressive razors, this is a great one. I love its weight and balance. Also, the sound feedback is outstanding.

If there's a tradeoff, it's maneuverability. A bit awkward in tight spaces.
Nice! My brother has the futur and his gripe is the same, a loss of maneuverability. I think he still digs it though!
For me, it's not really a gripe. I don't need much maneuverability. Most challenging place is under the jaw line. Difficult to do jay-hooks. But I can run against the grain and the result it good.
Parallax, you have entered the dangerous zone of modern razors...........thought you only stuck with vintage FB's you got for a few bucks a piece? :lol:
Lol, Krona. Technically, it's my second modern. The first was the DE89l, but that's just not aggressive enough for me. The Futur feels like a Fat Boy on steroids. Or, if the Fat Boy is the Slim on steroids, the Futur is the Terminator.

Thanks, Sledge. BTW, the SH is the other modern razor that calls to me.
I've been looking at the Futur..........it sure looks nice. A Terminator would be the ideal contrast to the oldies I have. I've had an R89 and a handful of the Merkurs but never pulled the trigger on one of their adjustables.
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I figured the safe way to do it was to pick one up on BST. Paid $55, figuring that if I didn't like it, I could turn around and sell it for at least $50 -- losing no more than $10 (including mailing costs) and a trip to the post office. As it turns out, it's now front and center in my shave den.
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