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New Gem type SE from ATT?

Last night before going to bed, I got notification of a PM from Stan at ATT. He showed me a very preliminary design for a Gem type SE he been working on. I remember a while back after the Calypso was deemed a success and he decided to release the SE1 Calypso, he hinted that he was considering doing a Gem blade SE. Of course, I was all over that and PMed him my ideas (complete with pictures), and he talked about some design ideas he had and then I didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks. What he sent me was a profile 2D drawing showing a design that looked much like a DE format adapted to a Gem blade with a very unique holding mechanism. The DE format comes from a domed head and a thick base plate. There appears to be a "hook" coming up in the middle of the base plate which secures the Gem blade through the long middle hole and has a channel in the back running lengthwise to seat the spine. There is no blade stop in the front as in traditional Gem type razors.

Because his design is VERY preliminary at this point, I am not able to show you the pic I got from Stan, but just wanted to let all of you Gem types fans know that something may be coming from ATT soon. In my opinion, ATT does have a tendency to go from idea to design to production relatively fast and quality is always great and prices are the same for all his razors ($190 for SS and $100 for AL).
I wonder if it will have the "buttering toast sound" feedback like the vintage SE's. That seems to be the best way to find the angle on the Gem style razors. I had a hard time with the SE's until some long time SE users told me that little trick. I'm curious if a machined razor would mute that sound.
Just heard from Stan that he now has a prototype that will be previewed at Big Shave West 3 this weekend in Pasadena. Who is going to it? Get some pics for the rest of us.
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