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New Gear for a New Year at Shavetools.com


Shavetools.com is pleased to have a number of great new products in time for the New Year.

First and foremost, we now carry Pre de Provance Shaving Cream, Shaving Soap, and Aftershave Balm. Also rounding out our selection of French shaving products, we now carry refil pucks of Osma Shaving Soap.

We've added a few more RazoRock products as well. We now carry RazoRock R-160 Soap, as well as their 888 Eucalyptus and Tea Tree and King Louis Lavender aftershave waxes.

We've expanded our selection of bath and body and personal care products, as well ( several of which are great for SWMBO). Leading the list is Marvis Toothpaste in: Classic Strong Mint, Amarella Licorice, and Jasmine Mint flavors. For skin care and bathing, we've added Pre de Provence 100% Shea Butter in both their Unscented and Lavender varieties, as well as their Sage Scented Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

Pre de Provence Shaving Soap

Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste

Pre de Provence Shower Gel and Body Lotion


Shavetools.com is pleased to have new additions to our selection of bath products, shaving soaps and creams, beard care, and Parker razors. We've added Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Foam and Vinolia Bath Soap to our bath and body section, Erasmic Shaving Cream and the tallow based formula of Erasmic Shaving Soap Stick to our soaps and creams, the Parker Twin Blade Razor and the popular Parker SR-1 Shavette to our selection of Parker Products. Last but not least, we now carry Dr Dittmar Moustache Wax and the Cyril R Salter Natural Horn Beard and Moustache Comb for those who are seeking premium beard care products.

Dr Dittmar Wax & Salter Beard Comb

Vinolia Bath Soap


Shavetools.com is pleased to have several new additions to our selection. We've not only restocked our Vie-Long Brushes (including the popular 16510 and 16910 silvertip brushes), but added two new ones: the Vie-Long 16727, which has a 23mm knot of Vie-Long's two band "White Badger" set in a handsome Olivewood handle, and the Vie-Long 04212 , their professional brush with the dyed black horsehair.

In addition to brushes, we've also added Mitchell's Wool Fat Body Lotion and TOBS Sandalwood Shaving Sticks.

Finally, we've created a new Scratch and Dent section with some great deals on products with dented packaging, including the Vie-Long 13061, the 2012 Semogue Special Edition, TOBS Rose Cream, and more!

Vie-Long 16727

Vie-Long 04212 Brush

MWF Body Lotion
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