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New fragrance that I'm excited about

A friend of mine in Italy has been working on this for some time now and is about to launch. Can't wait to try this because knowing him, it will be good!! May not be able to get this one in the US until the Cuban embargo is lifted, but it'll be worth the wait.



Here are the scent profile and launch info for those able to attend;

"Dear Rick, thank you very much!
I appreciate your help man!!!
This is the first of the 3 fragrances we will launch of Montecristo, it's a woody/woody-oriental fragance:

Woody – Vetiver – Tonka
T: Bergamot, Grapefruit & Pink Pepper
M: Black Pepper, Elemi & Geranium
B: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli & Tonka Bean

"A woody spicy creation blending masculine and energising notes. The fragrance opens with uplifting and juicy mix between Bergamot and Grapefruit together with sparkling Pink Pepper. The heart is a blend of reviving Black Pepper, Elemi and Geranium. Dry notes of Cedarwood, a touch of Vetiver combined with an accord of Patchouli and Tonka Bean close the composition."

We will have the first launch at the Habanos Festival in the beginning of March. A small launch at the Esxence fair in Milan in the end of the very same month and then I HOPE we will go "live" sometimes around mid April. "

This gentleman and I met each other through our work in the cigar/tobacco industry. He of course has moved on to something else near and dear to my heart, fragrance!! I wish him all the best. They have a FB page so you can follow them there for updates on launches, etc


Sounds like a very nice fragrance that I would wear. Keep us updated on what you think of it once you get a chance to try it.
I spoke to the maker today and listened to him describe the flankers Noir & Blanc that he will launch later and I'm so pumped to try them too.

One thing I'll note is that initially I thought it would be a parfum strength fragrance and in our conversation the maker explained that he's calling this a edt. He said that the EO's were at 20% which if I'm not mistaken puts this in the parfum category. The reason he cited was that he didn't want to alienate men by calling this a parfum, but I don't think it would. Would it?
Rick, I personally wouldn't be deterred if your friend went with the Parfum label.
I understand his thoughts but I believe with the popularity of Fragrantica and the likes, most men have evolved in a sense with a deeper understanding of the fragrance world.
Perhaps the market research doesn't back up my opinion. Perception is reality?
I for one have enjoyed researching and self educating which has helped lead to my new found obsession. But that's another story for another time.
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Rick, I personally wouldn't be deterred if your friend went with the Parfum label.
I understand his thoughts but I believe with the popularity of Fragrantica and the likes, most men have evolved in a sense with a deeper understanding of the fragrance world.
Perhaps the market research doesn't back up my opinion. Perception is reality?
I for one have enjoyed researching and self educating which has helped lead to my new found obsession. But that's another story for another time.
Essentially this is what I told him, but not sure which direction he will end up going. We shall see. Another really interesting thing that I remember about our conversation is that he's looking at coming out with a line of grooming & shaving products too ;-) I'm certain though that this will be well down the road.
well, happy day! Yesterday I received my samples (bottles to follow) of these fragrances. There are three in the line, Montecristo, Blanc and Noir. Montecristo being the 'signature' line, of course. I didn't apply fragrance yesterday in anticipation of getting these samples, and as soon as they arrived I broke them out and applied the Montecristo, as it is the 'signature line'. My initial thoughts on it are as follows;

Montecristo--T: Bergamot, Grapefruit & Pink Pepper / M: Black Pepper, Elemi & Geranium/ B: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli & Tonka Bean

It opens with a blast of bergamot, balanced by pepper in the back and I never did quite pick up on the grapefruit (which I'm okay with because I don't care for grapefruit). This frag then starts to settle into it's basenotes, I didn't get much in the way of the mid-notes but my allergies are acting up and another wearing may change that. It's in the basenotes that this fragrance really starts to hit on all cylinders for me, the vetiver used in this fragrance is so clean yet earthy at the same time, and the light dry cedar just sets it off. It's not until hours and hours later that the patchouli was slightly perceptible to me. The projection is beast mode yet not overpowering and I got 10-12 hours on longevity, very few last that long on me. So, use judiciously...a little goes a long way. For all you that love Montale, this fragrance puts me in the mind of a Montale fragrance for sure, and it's probably due to the vetiver used. I'd give this a solid 8 out of 10. As a side note, this did come to me in parfum strength, and will be sold as a parfum. I totally love Montecristo and it has found a leading role in my rotation for certain. Find it, and buy it...you can thank me later :) As an added bonus, the wife loved it too. She likes brighter and clean scents on me. Hope this helps and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this fragrance as you try it too.

I will post reviews of the Noir and Blanc after full wearings and may also come back to add thoughts about Montecristo too.
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After shower spritz of Montecristo Blanc is so lovely. My wife likes it better than the signature fragrance too, which makes sense to me and I'll explain in my review later Thursday or Friday. Work has been busy. Just know that this far these juices are fantastic!!
$Montecristo Blanc.jpg

Montecristo Blanc

Top --Pink Pepper, Birch Leaf, Pineapple
Mid--Blonde wood, Lavender, Sea Weed
Base--Patchouli, Amber, Cedar

I'm liking this fragrance simply because it's easy to wear. Once applied it isn't offensive or harsh from top to base notes, it's very well blended in my opinion because I find it difficult to discern a few elements at each stage of the fragrance. At every level the notes play so well together to form a very symbiotic progression until you can no longer detect it on your skin many hours later. Which brings me to projection and longevity; this one doesn't project like it's big brother Montecristo, but it does announce it's presence in a room during the top notes and then gradually grows closer to the skin. The longevity is very good and was detectable on my skin a good 8-10hrs later, even if ever so faint. This is a super safe fragrance that could be worn at the office or to a black tie affair.

Montecristo Blanc opens with a shot of pineapple and pink pepper and the pepper really reigns in the pineapple. Think Aventus, only a bit dirtier. I don't get birch leaf, but as I said this is due to the expert blending, either that or my allergies, lol. Either way I love the opening of this fragrance. It takes about 30 minutes for it to begin moving into the mid notes, where the star is lavender. Now, I don't normally care that much for lavender, but blended with the wood and sea weed note it creates a really superior and masculine accord. This one hangs out in the mid notes for a couple hours, with only hints of the base notes seeping through. When the base notes fully take over it's a touch of patchouli which is almost imperceptible for sure, but to my nose I get a perfectly dry cedar and warm amber for hours and hours.

I normally get quite bored with fragrances, which is why I switch it up so frequently, but I could see myself wearing this many times a week. I got several compliments today while in the mid notes phase and can see this one getting compliments quite a bit. My wife really likes Blanc more than the Montecristo Signature fragrance, which was strange to me because she normally likes a sweeter aquatic type of fragrance on me, either that or a citrusy type frag. Every time she's smelled this on me, it's been primarily during the mid notes or base notes, so think lavender and then cedar. Both are scents that she's hated in the past with other frags that I've worn. Which leads me to the conclusion that due to the blending of the other eo's, they create an entirely new accord that just works.

I'd like to let everyone know that these 3 brands won't be released until April and will launch in Europe, so keep your eyes peeled and pick up samples when and where you can. Can't wait to hear other thoughts on these, I feel like the Lone Ranger, lol.
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Tomorrow is Montecristo Noir! I'm excited because from the spritz on my hand, it's deeper and warmer than the other two versions of Montecristo
Hey all, wanted to spend a bit more time with Montecristo Noir before putting together a review, so here we go. First, I want to say bravo to the manufacturer, on the depth of this fragrance. I lean to the spicy, woody fragrances that make you feel warm all over and this doesn't disappoint. Here are the notes from the manufacturer;

T:Grapefruit, Lavender, Artemisia
M:Tobacco, Spices, Leather
B:Oud, Cedar, Amber

when I first tried Noir a week ago I was having sinus issues and some of the notes were lost on me. Since then, this fragrance has blossomed every time I wear it. I love the woody open with hints of lavender, but it comes off so dry and nice. One note I don't find in the open is Grapefruit, but the Artemisia and lavender deliver on their own in my opinion. During the transition from top to mid notes I get a trace of what I perceive is mint and I don't see it listed in the notes, but in full disclosure that's what I'm smelling, lol. Whatever it is, it lasts only minutes and it works well. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this part of the fragrance, maybe it's the grapefruit shining through the woody Artemisia.

I always time how long it takes for a fragrance to move into it's mid and base notes, and after 15-20 minutes Noir leaves it's woody nature and moves into it's spicy tobacco and leather mid note goodness, no greatness! Think cigar humidor mixed with slightly sweet Virginia pipe tobacco being held in your hands while wearing your favorite leather gloves. It's the mid notes that win me over every time I wear this fragrance, as I'm a sucker for a good tobacco & leather combo. We hang out in mid note heaven for at least 2-3 hrs before I really pick up any of the cedar and amber in the base notes. It's this transition that I enjoy tremendously because I love smelling tobacco and cedar together, throw in a little amber and it's lovely.

Noir simply melts into the base notes and delivers a warm woody note that lasts on me somewhere in the neighborhood of 9hrs. I could no longer smell it at 7hrs, but my wife and kids say that they could still detect the cedar up to the 9hr mark. I wear quite a bit of oud oils and love them, that said, I don't get the smoky, burning oud feel from the base notes here. It feels more like an Mukhallat where the oud is mixed with other EO's to produce a super warm accord that I enjoy immensely. I'm saddened only by the fact that I'm out of this juice already, lol.

I'm really liking the 3 products that Mille Centum has produced thus far and cannot wait to see what they do in the future. I have difficulty finding fault with any of their releases and could easily see myself wearing each of the 3 for different occasions and seasons. Again, I look forward to hearing other people's thoughts on these juices. Thanks for reading!
After reading your initial reviews I became curious and checked out the homepage. I sent an email that was responded to fairly quickly and, long story short, received samples of all 3 fragrances yesterday. I tried the signature scent this morning.
I am not very adept at describing scents, but your review seemed very accurate to me. I did catch a hint of grapefruit initially, but it was mostly bergamot with the pepper lurking. It did calm to the basenotes very quickly and that is where it gets amazing.
The cedar seems dominant to my nose, with the vetiver grounding it. It has been about 9 hours now and I'm still not getting much patchouli, which is ok by me.
Strong scent but not obnoxiously so, with very good longevity. I'm liking it a lot and am looking forward to its release.
Going to give Noir a go tomorrow. :thumbup1: