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Im in! I have been enjoying the radio broadcasts and subscribed on youtube! Great job!
My favorite genre of movies are action adventure/ marvel movies. I also enjoy british comedy movies. One of my favorite movies is shawn of the dead I always enjoy watching that I just really enjoy the dry british sense of humor
Nice PIF, Dave. "I'm in".

Favorite genres (in no particular order): War Movies, SciFi, Comedy, Drama, Westerns

Favorite Movies:

1. The Godfather ('nuff said)
2. The Great Escape
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Dark City
5. Rio Bravo
Great PIF! I'm IN!

Favorite genres: Old war movies, John Wayne movies, Charles Bronson movies, and of course Comedy.

Looking forward to the next episode, Dave!
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I'm In

Favorite Genre: SciFi

Favorite Movie of all Time: Silent Running (1972) This movie had a huge impact on me as a young impregnable kid, and to me it still holds up well. It has one of the greatest SciFi ships of all time The Valley Forge, and its got Huey Dewy and Louie
I'm in!

Favorite Genre??? Really anything but a "Chick Flick" or reality type crap. Crime, drama, sci-fi, comedy, horror, or any mixture there of.

Favorite movie? Geez that's kinda a tough one! "Top Gun", "Arlington Road", "Animal House", "Independence Day", "Seven", "Liar Liar", but the one movie I always will stop and watch if I run across it "Shawshank Redemption".
Hello Gents:
1st off thanks to all of you that entered and we appreciate your patronage of this forum. Through Random number generator...

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[MENTION=82524]cmh737[/MENTION] - Chris! C'mon down your are the winner of the Movie Night PIF and our 1st contestant in the B&B Radio Member spotlight.:thumbup:

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