New Finds From the Wild

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by StubbleTrouble, Dec 4, 2014.

    Found these two as pictured for 60 USD at an antique shop. Both look to have a small bit of uneven hone wear, but I suspect they're doable. Scales are nice and pins are tight.

    The yellow-scaled razor is stamped 'MONARCH' James G Barry Co, Chicago, Ill. Possibly pre-1890 as there's no country of origin printed, but I'm not certain that applied to solely domestic US products post-1890.

    The black scales are Solingen, printed '8 Walter Fehlenberg - HERNE. Little question this one's pre-1890. Assuming it came over during one of the German immigration waves.

    I'm going to hit them up for the feasible remainders on my next trip out :w00t:
  1. Very nice. Congrats on the score.
  2. I need to learn this as well ....and quickly ! Awesome
  3. Probably quicker than I did (or am)! You're practically skipping the kiddie pool! :lol:

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