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New Features To Be Added - Please Read!

Thanks for bearing with us with the front page changes. The NEW, and finalized front page should debut tomorrow. ALL of the features of the old (previous) front page will be back, such as the login window on the upper right, the stats, recent posts, etc - plus more! The forum will also have a much nicer, richer, and cleaner look (however you'll be able to revert back to the current look if you prefer) which is really slick.

Soon thereafter we'll have articles on the front page (which will also show up on the forum as a post in a new "articles" section) and we'll be able to highlight posts of the week and such from you guys which have a bunch of info, cool pics, or what have you!

Should be very slick, and should be a VAST improvement over what we had, and what we have.

B&B may be down for a short period of time tonight (around 10PM PST) while we make some of these upgrades, so don't have a heart attack if you happen to pop on at around that time and don't see B&B up :wink:

We hope you guys will really enjoy the new features/options and the new, very slick look. Some of the features, like a "similar posts" and such should be a tremendous help, and a very large step forward.
Groovy! Lookin' forward to it.

Thanks B&B admins for your time and effort in making one hell of a site!!! :thumbup1:
I appreciate all the time and effort being put into this site.

It would still be terriffic if it were just plain text!

I am really looking forward to it. You guys are the best and I for one offer my thanks for all your hard work and efforts keeping B&B the best forum an the net.
Very nice. Thank you and the head's up is appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.

If you need someone to start complaining around 10:00 tonight that the site is slow or down and send you tens of emails until it's fixed, please don't ask me. I'm kind of busy tonight. :biggrin:
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