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I shaved with my Gillette New, long comb this morning after not touching it for probably 3 years. I suppose my technique these days is a lot better than it was the last time I tried the NEW LC. Only "troublesome" razors end up forgotten in the medicine cabinet.

But today? Wow. Unfortunately, the 3 pass shave is close enough that shaving tomorrow would be a waste of time and blade sharpness. Sunday morning I want to give that Old there on the right a retry, as it was hiding out in the cabinet too.

Did a bit of brass and copper polishing this afternoon. Your New is starting out much better looking than mine did!

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Hard to beat a NEW, and your Deluxe looks really nice. Those seem hard to find. How did you get yours?
Brother Airmech,

Are you sure your razor is a Gillette NEW Deluxe?

I thought the Deluxe version of the NEW had a thick engraved handle similar to the Gillette New Improved. What I see in your picture is the common bar handled NEW.

Gillette NEW Deluxe razors Photo's

I believe you're thinking about the Criterion. This looks like the one that comes in the Red & Black Deluxe set except it looks a little different to me. Also the handle looks like a NEW Common Bar, not a Deluxe handle. I'm sure someone will come along and clear it up.
It's a New Deluxe, but the baseplate is printed differently than the Red Black Deluxe pictured on Mr Razor. Interesting find.
And here I thought only the Gillette Good Will razors were a confusing and convoluted group! Apparently the Gillette NEW razors also belong to that club. Who knew? (The pun is intended!) Thanks to all the brethren for their inputs and clarifications!
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First shave this morning produced a easy comfortable BBS! I used WSP Gaelic Tweed soap, which produced a nice slick lather. Did a 3 pass, WTG, XTG, ATG. I did get a small point of irritation on my chin, but that should work out as I use the razor more. It will definitely stay in the rotation.

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