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New DE shaver with a merkur 180.next razor?

I have experienced good results with this blade, but was thinking about getting a 34C or a EJ89

Why do people speak highly of these two, and I never here about my 180?
Good morning, LT!

Hopefully someone's already welcomed you to B&B. If they haven't...WELCOME!

I've seen a lot of positive talk on the 180 around here. This thread seems to cover most of the discussions and certainly will lead you to more:


My Merkurs have been the 38C and 41 OC (and I'm waiting on a Futur!), so I can't speak from first-hand experience on the 180; however, the quality of Merkur is first-rate (made in Soligen, Germany) so that's not going to be an issue if you decide to go that route.

The EJ89 has a phenomenal reputation, so you won't go wrong going there, either.

Have you considered a vintage razor? A SuperSpeed might do the trick if you're looking for a mild- to mid-aggression razor.

Enjoy whatever you choose!


The 180, isn't that (in Merkurian) the 23C? A three-piece with a rather long handle? If so it pops up every now and then and it is a fine classic. I even think that switching to a 34C or a EJ/Mühle 89-series will not really give an improvement of any kind to your shave. Geometry of the head is very close to the 34C and the 89's are not that much different either.
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