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New DE shaver from Nova Scotia


Seems like it already. My wife doesn't seem interested in my shaving journey haha

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Get some PdP No. 63, soap and Eau de Toilette. You will love the soap she will love the fragrance. It is worth a try.😀
Hello. I just got into DE razors around Christmas. Wondering if there are any fellow Nova Scotians on here that know if there are any Shaving Supply stores around, or is my best bet online shopping? I'm from the Annapolis Valley by the way. Thanks!

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I used to live in Freeport, off Digby Neck. I think Duggers in Halifax used to carry some shaving kit. Never heard of anything in the Valley or SW. Shoppers Drugmart used to carry Proraso products and a brush or two.
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Hello from Nova Scotia as well,
I've been wet shaving for about 7 years and aside from a few drug stores and one barber shop with Wilkinson or Rockwell, the pickings are slim local.

Online is where it's at!
I live in the Annapolis Valley. Greenwood shoppers has a good selection of proraso soaps, and beard products as well as omega brushes and Wilkinson sword blades and razors. As for online, have used multiple sites. The only one I avoid at all costs is Fendrihan (massive customer service issue and lied!) The Italian Barber is my go to!
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