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New DE razor advice please

For several years I have alternated between the Razorock Gamechanger (both plates) and the Rockwell (plate 5). I like the Rockwell for its cutting efficiency and the GC for its maneuverability.While the Rockwell shaves very well, it is not very maneuverable and it can be difficult to shave under the nose and the contours of my chin. It feels more like a tank while the GC feels more like a sports car.I would love to find a razor that has the best qualities of both. Suggestions? Thanks
I really enjoy my Razorock 2nd Gen Lupo .72, it is a mid range razor and seems to shave well. The razor is excellent for under the nose and has excellent blade clamping with no blade tab over hang.
RazoRock_Razor_Scale_-_Revised_-_Stacked_-_Final_1024x1024 (2).jpg

Lupo collage #3.jpg

Have some great shaves!
I have the Lupo DC, which has an oc .72 side and a sb .95 side and I find it more efficient than my GC .84, but less smoother. If you want more efficiency and you are willing to sacrifice a bit of the smoothness, either of the Lupo stainless steel versions will serve you well. I still use my GC .84 though and that's my favorite autopilot DE razor and one of the best shavers in my small collection.
Interesting scale by Italian Barber but for me the (medium aggressive) Eco is smoother than the (mild medium) aluminium Lupo. So don't use it in blind faith please!
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