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New DE blade from Phoenix Shaving?

I've had mixed success with Shanghai Blades. About 2 years ago, I was given a couple to try, Ying JiLi Super Stainless, GFLV, and the Flying Eagle. The Ying JiLi was a very good blade, 5 very good shaves; the GFLV was a bad blade (I muscled thru 2 shaves and regretted it); but, the Flying Eagle broke my heart. It was an amazingly beautiful blade (black with relief etching) that ripped out each hair individually instead of smoothly cutting them (how could something so beautiful be so cruel...my poor whiskers).
Same - I tried these Ying Jili blades and they were quite good.

I also tried flying eagle and didn't like them. Bad quality, despite Flying Eagle being made by Gillette. But the actual Gillette branded blades out of Shanghai that I've tried have been good quality.
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