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New DE blade from Phoenix Shaving?

wow, I've got no dog in this as I can't purchase any of these products but yeesh. I didn't realise these guys basically have like 7 years of ongoing controversy from extraordinary dishonesty and ethical black zones. The wiki is intense.
I've been reading that thread and I don't see anything in there about limited edition artwork. But maybe I'm obtuse 😋
Point is that we already have several branded blades that are already different only by packaging - nobody can really think Gillette puts 10+ actually different platinum blades on the market right? So companies are already selling the wrapping paper first and foremost, each "paper" originally meant for different geographical areas (but things have gone crazy in the last 15 years though with the coming of global commerce, everything is available everywhere at the same time casting confusion on the original geographical concept).

But I agree that we're still not there if we consider a full fledged limited edition blade marketing, with selling windows etc. PAA will be the ones launching the trend I guess? since they already do with the Monster razors.
Actually, as far as products go, I've had good luck with his soaps (and I've had a good experience with Matt's services).

I've recently bought a Red Tip style handle from PAA and i've got my first DE razor from Razor Emporium a while ago and I haven't got any issues. I'm waiting for a bunch of vintage razors to arrive from the UK and some of them might need a restoration as well as replating and I don't think i'm going to send them to Razor Emporium after all the horror stories how they either lost or destroyed some of the razors that were sent to them.
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