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New DE blade from Phoenix Shaving?

This is a new DE blade from Phoenix Shaving (pictured below).

Has anyone tried this yet?

It's supposed to mimick the feel of a Voskhod crossed with a Feather.
Nice box art!

It's only a matter of time before someone realises that you can sell more blades via packaging. Every year (or more often) you issue new packaging art for the same blades, forcing people to collect that edition before it sells out. The blades have to be decent enough for people to want to accumulate them, but it is the box art that drives the sales...

Imagine the above blades with Robbie the Robot and Dr Zachary Smith on the box.
I got some on the way. It's not a rebranded blade but something PAA worked out as their own, according to the description. We'll see how it shaves
The packaging looks really nice and they don't seem expensive compared to most other blades on the market. I can't wait to see how they perform and if they can become someone's new best blade.
I suppose to be sort of neutral, maybe he called up a factory and gave them his criteria. They probably gave him some macro change options, say 3. Probably still a minimum order. Then MAYBE he said I like 2, but a little closer to 3 and done. Order 5000. I do wonder how he got the custom packaging done, overseas or domestic?

I have hundreds of Gillette Wilkis made in China just an FYI
I'm very interested in the reviews of our Explorers who took the first plunge.

I can see this being a rebranded Blade sold under a new name due to PAA history of being caught lying before (I remember the whole hoopla of the cold press vs hot press soap they were involved in years ago)

But at the same time they know the lengths wet shavers will go to get blades (I just got a whole box of Wizamets shipped from a different country). I can see them actually doing what they said they did on their website and designing a whole new Blade if it ends up being somewhat good wet shavers and Shaving retailers will buy them by the pallet
if it ends up being somewhat good wet shavers and Shaving retailers will buy them by the pallet
This is B&B, we are going to use BOSC science to figure out where he got them. Then we will order them at a fraction of the cost and feel smug. 🤪

Edit: for those who weren't around, there is thread trying to get some consensus on what blade the King C Gillete blades actually are. There was definitely BOSC science going on, consensus is still pending...
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