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New Colt Cobra. Anyone ACTUALLY Seen One Yet?

IMG_1005.JPG Was really anxious to vet out the new Cobra. Just because I thought it might be a good choice for a daily carry revolver. Not to say it would replace my S&W 640 but one never knows..
I figured for $699 MSRP it had better load and clean itself, but I digress....

More I ponder the issue, and more the Colt disappears deeper into the mist, I figure why fool with it? The only "real advantage" the Colt has is the 6-round capability which to me if Faaaar from a deal breaker.
The Colt (so I am told) is bigger, heavier, and a sight more expensive than the 640. And....the S&W is chambered for .357. Colt is a .38 (+p) offering.
Anyway, too bad so sad for the Cobra. Guess I would still like to actually SEE one though someday.
I haven't seen the Colt Cobra in person, but reviews look good. It seems like it is compact enough for a daily carry. I don't know that it would do anything that your current carry doesn't do, other than an extra round. It's slightly heavier and longer than your 640. If I had the extra funds, I would prefer a firearm that allows both. 38 and. 357.

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I've "heard" they were "supposed" to start shipping in mid-April...yeah, right. I don't think we have a stocking Colt dealer in this town so probably won't see one on a dealer's shelf here.

At 25 ounces they seem a bit heavier than the old Detective Special. Don't know why they went with a snake name. Well, the snakes are real popular. I"ll just carry my 15 ounce original Cobra...sometimes I forget I'm carrying it.

As for .357 vs. .38 +P...I'm of the school that you're not gaining much velocity with the .357 out of a snubbie and you are having to deal with increased recoil and muzzle blast. .38 +P out of my original Cobra is a handful. You step up to a 4 inch barrel and .357 makes more sense...to me at least.

I would like to handle and shoot the new one though. Maybe I'll get a chance...sometime in the next 10 years.
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It's interesting. I'm still eyeballing the 5 shot 44 special GP100, among too many others.

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