New Coffeemaker!

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by mightyeskimo, May 19, 2019.

    Got a new coffee maker. Nothing special, just a regular Mr. Coffee.

    The Keurig took a dive and I was tired of the single cup style. The more of a pot a day kind of guy.
  1. I gave my Keurig to my mother in law. She loves it. Now that I'm retired, I have a Mr Coffee 4 cup $10 machine that honestly makes 2 great cups of Dunkin Donuts medium roast. That's my limit.
  2. We use a Keurig. My wife likes dark roast and I like medium roast, so the single cup method works well for us.
  3. I've used Keurigs at offices I've worked at and don't care for them. I swear I can taste the plastic but that's just me.

    I'm more of the pot-a-day kind of guy so I use and prefer an old percolator. When I'm on assignment I just perc a pot drink a cup or two before the office etc and take the rest in a thermos.

  4. I started drinking coffee before I started skool, as I recall. Mom and my Granny ALWAYS had the percolator on the stove. Miss that smell.
  5. I have put both commercial Bunn brewers away.

    Casa Mick has a 8 cup Bonavita

    Rancho Mick has a 10 cup Technivorm

    After almost 2 decades using commercial Bunn brewers, times changed.

    These are not better, they are just more flexible. Bunn would only brew 12 cups that is just too much now that I have aged. Yes, I can make less but the quality of the results suffers when brewing less than a full pot. If I can figure out a way to insert a smaller basket or some sort of insert to use the 8 cup Bunn filters, they may go back on the counter again.

  6. Exactly why I left the Bunns.
  7. We use a Keurig because SWMBO usually has decaf and I drink regular.
    We only use Solofill cups in it instead of K-cups because we don't like to pay three times as much per pound of coffee.
    We also have a SoloGrind burr grinder that can dump directly it into a single cup, or a larger amount into the larger container.
  8. TexLaw

    TexLaw Contributor

    We have some friends that use the same or a similar cup for their Keurig for the same reasons. They swear the coffee tastes better than the K-Cups, and it most certainly is cheaper, and they just go for Folger's.
  9. martym

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    How’s that Mr. Coffee working for you?
  10. Well, I'm still using mine!
  11. I use refillable pods in a Keurig, as well. The appeal of a Keurig machine is that you get to brew coffee a cup at a time. That's all I drink, and I don't even do that daily. I'll have a cup of coffee twice a week or so. The form factor is really convenient for that.
  12. We have a Keurig as well. It's ancient. Possibly the first edition of the original model. It works because I'm the only one who drinks coffee on a regular basis in the house. And I only drink 1 to 2 cups in the morning. I have high blood pressure so I drink it in the morning to get me going. Then I take my blood pressure meds to bring me back down to earth. The Keurig is really only there for when I don't have the time or energy or motivation to go through the process of making a pot of french press, my preferred method. We have a refillable pod too but I don't find that I use it much because I really like the Donut Shop Medium Roast. I tried finding the same coffee in bean form and have not had any luck. I'm also trying different beans from a local roaster that I found near me. I've been buying their dark roast but will try one of their medium roasts, their take on a Mokha Java. If I can find some beans that taste similar to the Donut Shop then I'll just use the refillable pod and no more k-cups. I'd like that a lot.

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