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New C&E Best Badger - Smells like mothballs?!

Just picked up a new C&E Best Badger brush the '$35' (although more like $54CAD) brush.

I was expecting an unpleasant 'wet dog' smell from the other posts I have read but mine smells quite distinctly of mothballs (or grandma's house which ever you prefer).

Is this normal?

The smell was notable after soaking the brush in hot water; when dry I didn't really notice an odor (although I only really checked after soaking for a few minutes).

Thanks for the advice; will do.

I just hand't heard of anyone getting a brush that smelt of moth balls so I wanted to ensure that was ok. (and it would seem it is)
Jonnybc said:
If a moth is silly enough to lose his balls, he deserves all he gets!
'e ain't going to be looking for much to get after that kind of catastrophe! You can bet on that!
Hmm, I think this has gone from bad to worse. Can it get any odder... I mean shaving off moth balls. I'm running away now!
Yeah if I had realized the can of worms I was opening up with this thread....

Well I guess I would have posted it sooner; this is some funny stuff ;)
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