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New budget Simpson synthetic: Trafalgar

How do you think the Duke 3 synthetic compares to the Chubby 1 synthetic?
Chubby 1 or 2? The Chubby 1 is obviously smaller with shorter loft. It's small but not that small, about the same as the Trafalgar T1. I like it a lot. The Duke 3 has the same 50mm loft as the Chubby 2 but because of the smaller knot size if feels longer, and smaller on the face. I like them all and they are all just that bit different from each other.

For folks owning both the T2 and T3, would you consider the main difference just the size or is there also a distinct difference in splay/backbone?
I need the T3 in my life............we will see though, I've already acquired three brushes this year, I have a tough time justifying money on a brush when it only gets used once a week or less sometimes. Idle money sitting tied up in a product doesn't sit well with me.

However that T3 appears to be a poor mans Chubby.
My T3 arrived today (yea!) but it doesn't fit my brush/razor stand... :sad:
Can someone who has a T3 tell me what the diameter of the waist is on this brush, please?

Thanks, in advance!
I recently purchased the T2 and it feels like the perfect size for me. I wear a beard so I only shave my neck, upper cheeks and under my lower lip. It looks to me like I would have a difficult time controlling where I want the lather and where I don’t with the T3. This is not a problem with the T2. It lathers very well with my soaps and creams in a bowl which is my preferred method. I have also discovered that I prefer synthetics to badger. I can’t stand pokey or scritchy. My neck skin is very sensitive and natural hairs feel like I am pre-irritating my skin before shaving. The soft and luxurious feeling of the T2 provides me with a very pleasant shaving experience. YMMV


B&B's Man in Italy
Gents, the main reason why I got the T3 was to just have the entire Trafalgar Series on display on my shelves. Honestly, I thought it was way too big for my tastes, especially considering the knot diameter. But synthetics hold much less water compared to denser badgers and also behave differently. Hence, I was wrong and after the very fist shave the T3 felt simply "right". I love the T3 so much now that it has become my favourite in the Trafalgal Series.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
T3 in the house!

And it feels GREAT; just about as big as Yaqi Mysterious Space 26mm and the Techichi Hive 26mm... Yet those fit a 26mm wide stand. T3 does not, definitely 28mm or so.

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