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New Brushes came today, yahoo!

They mail person brought much joy and happiness today! My previously owned (Thanks Tony!) C&E super brush and my new Simpsons Chubby 2 (Thanks Lee!) both arrived. These are two very good looking brushes! The C&E is much larger than I had anticipated and the Chubby isn't quite as large as I thought it might be but I'm looking forward to giving it a trial first thing tomorrow. Here are some pics, if for some reason you want the larger images let me know and I'll put them up on a file storage service I use for downloading. Not quite sure how to put the pictures in line with the post, more learning to do :). I'll post more information on them after I've had a chance to use each one for a couple of day but feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Have fun!
Nice brushes. Are you in the early stages of SBAD, or are these just two amongst many? I must confess I had never really thought about C&E brushes before, but given how much positive feedback the $35 brush is receiving, my curiousity has been piqued. Be sure to let us know how they both perform and most importantly, enjoy!
Good question Alex :001_smile , I guess I'd say I'm in the early stages. So far it's a pretty small collection, a AOS pure badger, SR208 in super, T&H turnback, and then the 2 new ones. I'm thinking I'll try and hold out with these for a while but for birthday and Christmas later this year I'm already thinking about another Simpsons, that PJ 2 in Super sure looks interesting!
Thanks Tony, I tried the Chubby 2 this morning and it's going to take some adjustment from my other brushes. I had a hard time generating the lather I'm used to whipping up but I'll keep giving it a shot. Man it seems like a nice brush though, the tips are really soft but it doesn't splay out when you use it on your face. Just to be fair I'll give the C&E brush a shot tomorrow though :w00t: . I'll spend a week or two with 'em and post some thoughts.
Nice brushes.

I think I'm going to have to talk to Lee and grab some of those Chubby's if he still has a deal on them.

Let's see, and I'll tell SWMBO that I really needed a new brush because, um, er, the voices told me to.


DJ, I decided to go with super on the Chubby, I had heard so many good things about the Simpsons super that I really wanted to give it a try. I'm looking forward to lots of years enjoyment out of it!
Thanks to all for your notes, I tried the C&E Super Badger and I think it's a very nice brush. However I decided to sell it because it is very similar to my SR208, although the handle had a bit more weight. The tips of the C&E were nice and soft, and while the brush wasn't floppy, it also wasn't as stiff as I had thought it might be. I think for the money it's an excellent buy, as I noted in my initial post it certainly seemed like it was very high quality and I really liked the weight of the handle.

The Chubby2 in Super is another matter, I'm really loving this brush! I have read about the different quality of the Simpsons super brushes but Lee sure picked out an excellent one to send me (thanks Lee!) The tips are wonderfully soft but the brush maintains the perfect amount of stiffness for me. I used it this morning with some CF Lavendar and it's the first time I've been able to really get CF to whip up properly. As has been noted elsewhere the brush sure holds a lot of water and I'm still learning how to get the right water/cream mix but I'm getting closer. The one comment about this brush that I haven't seen elsewhere is that when I use it with my Moss Scuttle, man the lather and the brush sure seem to retain a lot more heat then my other brushes. I'm sure I'm going to want another brush in the not to distant future, there are just too many nice ones out there to try but I can't every see this guy going out of my rotation and for the moment my other brushes aren't going to be seeing much use!
Rik said:
Larry, let Lee know that you're a B&B member. He takes very good care of us! Exceptional service!

Rik offers good advice. I got my PJ2 from Lee. And while he would not admit it, I belive he had extra expsense involved in getting it to me so quickly!

I got my PJ3 from Lee, and not only did he get me a great deal, he picked out a beauty and got it to me quickly. Lee is a prince!
I'll shoot him an email but he would have to work a miracle in order for me to get a silver tip chubby lol. I was looking at the SR3236 (maybe it was 3326?) type brush. Price on that I can handle better.
mrob said:
I got my PJ3 from Lee, and not only did he get me a great deal, he picked out a beauty and got it to me quickly. Lee is a prince!

What is a PJ3/PJ2 brush? I didn't see one with those initials.
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