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New Brush required


Just had to return my Vulfix #662 super badger pewter brush to classic shaving - too much hair loss :scared: I got some lovely shaves with it but now i find myself with no decent brush to shave with. I either resort to using my hands or a body shop nylon bristle brush. Trying to get this baby to lather up is like trying to get blood from a stone!

I need some recommendations from the wet shaving legends here :001_wub:

My requirements are :-

- price $70 - $120
- bristle knot diameter 20mm +
- eu location (paid too much custom charges in the past)
- bristles should be soft at tips, but there has to be some stiffness there to providing a scrubbing motion
- super badger hair, however i will be open to other recommendations
- good with both soaps and creams
- explodes with lather
- good water holding capacity
- dense
- durable

Many thanks Gentlemen

Hi Awais,

Why not get a smaller plisson Euro white? Awesome bristle with the characteristics you described, and as long as you don't care for very expensive handles in real bone or precious woods, these brushes are within the desired price range.
Of course, the brushmeisters on this forum will have their say and widen your scope down to the point where making a choice becomes nearly impossible :wink: .
Good luck.
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