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New brush, old mug issues

Just got a Rooney 3/1 in silvertip, MAN is it nice. Soft, beautifully made, nice to hold too. I have a soup mug for lathering (2 1/2" deep X 4" wide), and while it worked great with my Omega 49, with the Rooney, I was getting soap all over my (brush) hand as I was lathering. Not a BAD thing, but I prefer to keep that hand free of soap. The lather was kind of working it's way up the sides, and getting on my hand, maybe I should try a wider one, like a cappuccino mug, with rounded sides? Something less deep? I like this one, it cost a whopping .59, but I dig it. Today was my first shave with this combo, no doubt I will improve with practice......what do you guys think?
I'd stick with what you got. I use a very similar mug except it's more round at the bottom. I doubt it makes that much difference. :001_smile
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