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New Boar Brush PIF

This is a PIF for a NEW higher-end Boar Brush.
This is an Mondial Antica Barberia Boar Brush. As I am depleting my boar brushes fleet, I decided to make one nice PIF. Basically the rules are that there are no rules. Everyone can take part in this PIF, not only CONUS, etc'.
In order to participate, write in this sticky that you're in and why would you like to have this brush.
Thank you and good luck to all.


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I'm in. Have only tried a van der Hagen Boar and a synthetic, would be a nice upgrade! Thanks for the PIF!!

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I'm in. Great PIF, especially since I keep thinking about adding a second brush to my routine.

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I'm in. Have only tried one boar brush, a $10 omega pro, which was too big and scritchy for my taste. I want to know if a good boar will earn a spot in my relatively limited brush rotation.
I'm in. My son is being offered a division 1 baseball scholarship today so luck is on my side lol. Plus I'll give it to him to take to school.
Why not.
I'm in
I have never tried a boar brush. It's on my to do list.

Nice PIF. Thanks.

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I am in. I am new to the art and would like to feel the difference between a low end vs a high end brush.

Thank you,
I'm in, because although I love my two band badgers my Boar brushes always get more action as my daily work horses and you can never go wrong with a good Boar brush.
I'm in. I've have Omega boars (similar feel, 2 different sizes), and didn't care for the Semogue that I tried, but would love to try a higher-end boar. Thanks for the opportunity.
I know I should say it and hope for the best, but I have a few very nice brushes and want others to be able to experience the same feeling. So I'll have to say "Not in":c17:
I'm in.
The only boar brushes I have tried were used vintage brushes and they were very prickly. I have wanted to try a quality boar since I hard they break in and can be pretty soft with nice backbone.

Thank you for the generosity.
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