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New Blade - How Often Do you Change?

On average, how many shaves do you get per blade? And, how can you tell when it's time for a change? I know blades are super cheap, so cost isn't a concern when it comes to replacing, but I don't want to be wasting unnecessarily either.

So far I've been replacing about every 5 shaves, but mostly because I'm still trying out different blades to see (1) what works best and (2) if I can tell any difference.
Depends on the blade...
In general...4-5 max then ditch....
Polsilver and Wizamet...not cheap for me...and difficult to replenish, can last up to 10 or more

How to know when to ditch?
Usually when it starts tugging or skipping on wtg pass..immediate ditch...
Best to be warned is during ATG pass....ditch
I find some blades get smoother & I get the best shaves with shaves 3 - 10. When the blade starts dragging & tugging, it’s time to change blades. If you’re new to wet shaving, you may not get 10+ shaves out of a blade. YMMV, so change when you need to.
1) When it is no longer comfortable
2) When it doesn't do a good job (or requires more work than you are wanting to use for acceptable shave)

Those can vary tremendously from person to person for lots of reasons. Different sensitivities, different hair toughness/density, different razors, different techniques.

Shaving and it's uncomfortable? Change the blade.
Finished and shave is substandard? Change the blade, perhaps do another pass.
How long a blade lasts depends on the blade, the razor, your face and also your technique to some extent. You will learn by feel when it's time to change. The blade will gradually stop working as effectively, you may require more passes to get a clean shave, or you may experience some tugging. You can carry on using the blade for a few more shaves, or choose to change to a fresh blade at this point. On the low side, you might get 3 to 4 shaves; on the high side, 10 to 12 shaves. As a rough average, you might want to change blades every week (that makes it easy to remember).

By the way, there are some people who can get over 20 shaves consistently, so you never really know until you experiment.
i use Nacets almost exclusively and can feel ATG tugging during a third shave so it's two shaves and gone. (I have a pretty coarse beard, though)
Highly depends on the blade and razor!
Feather fhs 1-2 shaves in a oneblade core
Most de blades 1-2 weeks
Kai 6 weeks total
You are going to get a wide range of answers because it depends on the blade/razor combination and the shaver. I’ve had some blades only last 4 shaves, while I’ve changed others at 7 shaves with the blade still working, just so I could try a different blade.
I’ve found that my face and head (shaving both each time) feel best after three uses of each blade; I could squeeze more out of some, but:
- at the cost of blades, why economise at the expense of my skin?
- I like trying different blade/razor combos too much not to change regularly;
- if I make my blades last too long, it’ll be even longer before I need to buy more! (not that I need a reason...🙄)

So it’s three shaves per blade then it’s binned!
I discard my blades after two shaves; since I have a lot of the same blade (approx. 150 Gillette Wilkinson Sword made in China).I purchased in the past some sample packes, but I found that the Gillette Wilkinson Sword (China) is my go-to blade.
Generally 3-8 shaves depending on the blade. Feather last 3 Personna med prep, GSB and Gillette 7 O'Clock sharpedge (yellow) can last 7 or 8 most others 4 or 5. Once they aren't comfortable any more I bin them.
Ι change the blade every Saturday morning just like my dad did when he taught me how to shave with a DE razor back in 1980.
I shave daily of course.
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