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    Stopped to grab a can of trusty original barbasol foam because I'm almost out when I came across a "new and improved" Pacific Rush can. New formula has both menthol and caffeine in it. Barbasol performance, Pacific Rush scent, menthol, and local on the shelf availability...yes please!!

    Here is the link from their page:
    Barbasol Invigorating Formula Pacific Rush® with Caffeine and Menthol Thick & Rich Shaving Cream

    If this performs they way I can reasonably assume it will then I can see going through a ton of these cans.
  1. I picked up a can the other day and noticed that too. It seems like a lot of companies are going to putting caffeene in their creams. Pacific kind of started it and then Nivea started doing it too. From what I understand, its supposed to restrict your blood flow a bit and result in less chance for weepers.
  2. I've read that as well and also saw that it is supposed to be very anti-inflammatory. I may gave it a try tonight. I was more excited about the menthol actually. I like keeping a can of menthol foam around as my wife uses it also and the only non-gel I could get locally is foamy menthol which is a great product but I prefer Barbasol's performance and the foamy scent is a little too synthetic for my nose.
  3. I was about to post the question of where have all the menthol canned shaving foams gone, then see this. I'm not a big fan of menthol, but it has its uses. Caffeine in shaving cream? Eh ... think I'll pass.
  4. Well I'm here to report back after first use. This was a blade shave despite my recent posts about using an electric.

    I'm very impressed with this product and it (with more use) may be my favorite canned product I've ever used. The menthol is very very strong and lasting and it has a nice scent up front that disappears upon rinsing. I'm not sure if it's the caffeine or the menthol or what but this has more glide and slickness then any other barbasol product I have ever used yet it is not greasy. Post shave feel is supple and significantly less "dry" then what you usually find with foams. My skin feels toned and healthy, I also had no alcohol burn from my splash which is rare for me. Pairs very nicely with Epsilon Blue Mediterranean. I used the same razor, blade, and conditions to shave yesterday except I used proraso green cream with my ib Bruce synth and today I used the barbasol. I consider proraso cream top tier in the slickness department for me yet I had even less tugging with the barbasol.

    I say give it a shot, I like canned foams and this one even blew me away so if you don't like them then you'll be extra surprised.
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    Thanks for the review.
  6. Hey Slybrew...I picked up the new and improved Pacific Rush with Caffeine and menthol. I like the coolness of the menthol. Barbasol stated" This was an office favorite" Enjoy!!
  7. If I remember correctly your aren't too far from me, I wonder if we are getting a regional roll out. I used it again today and it's fantastic. Love or hate foam (I love it) one has to admit that barbasol is a very functional product in general and this really steps it up further. I recently finished a can from the last run of the old barbasol arctic chill menthol I bought through eBay and this one has significantly more menthol. It's got more menthol feeling then proraso green or headslick.
  8. Yes,I'm the guy from Tampa and love the Pacific Rush. Still looking for the Artic Chill....Not easy!!!
  9. Thought so! Haha. The barbasol website has been totally revamped and no longer lists the Arctic chill (menthol), the yellow can with lanolin, or the "old" Pacific Rush that didn't have caffeine or menthol so I'm assuming they are gone now. The tube version of the orange sensitive skin is still listed though I've never seen it in stores.
  10. I saw some orange can sensitive in a local grocery store.
  11. Yes Sir! I Facebooked Barbasol and the said the purple can-Extra moisturizing with lanolin took the place of the yellow can. NO more Artic Chill being manufactured. They may come out with new flavors soon.
  12. Like cinnamon roll to go with the coffee?
  13. That would be different.
  14. I think I'm gonna have to pick some up. I was at Wally World last weekend and almost picked up 3 cans just cause. Original, Sensitive and Extra Moisturizing. Don't remember if they had the Pacific Rush.:001_wub::001_wub::001_wub:
  15. ehhh I am skeptical about the caffeine value
  16. Even if that doesn't actually do anything you can always rely on the barbasol formula and the menthol is strong.
  17. I've been using that one a lot lately. The menthol blast has been very welcome in the Austin heat.
  18. I feel the same in the Florida heat. Refreshing!!
  19. Same boat haha. I've been cold water shower shaving with this then following up with Epsilon Blue Mediterranean or Aqua Velva Classic Blue. Keeps me nice and cool.

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