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New badger brush

Review on my new badger brush. Chinese one it is, so cheap in cost. It works better I think then my wahl boar brush. Just have to use warm water, and so far in 5 shaves maybe it shed 1 hair pretty impressive I think I got a good deal. 9 dollars it was Lol, looks nice too with hand wood handle, with gold ring for decoration. I bought a wahl kit from Walmart to start myself off, and the badger brush fits on stand perfectly with 2 de razors, not just one razor, the wahl kit only came with 1 wahl de razor. Bought a second de razor off amazon. So some good spending I think. Not too much money if your on a budget.
Sure here is a pic I just took now.


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The tips are extremely soft and yes it does dry fairly quickly. I usually re wet the brush 1 more time and re apply some shaving soap. I noticed the soap doesn't come out of the jar and go everywhere like the boar brush.
Hard to tell just from the photo, but you just might have an artificial badger, aka, a synthetic brush made to look like badger. That is okay! Only lost one hair, is soft, works well. Good deal. I have a couple man made fiber brushes and like them, tho I paid a bit more money. Either way, enjoy!
False advertising I guess. It said 100% pure real badger hair. But I'm not a pro when it comes to brushes. A lot of them online specified synthetic if they were. But works well anyway. Like you said good price. If you know of any good deals on Amazon for real let me know. I would like a real one. Going to work soon, i will read any suggestions when I come home. I like to shop amazon though. Tnx
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