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Right now I am using Nivea Men Energy After shave Splash... I love the smell alot and I looking for new after shave and hoping for suggestions here .. I was looking into trying the Proraso Green and I have a bottle of Proraso white aftershave but never used it cause I was never like the smell.. So I am looking for something new and remember I am young here and I love to stay in the same Style of Nivea Energy but will try something different...

Jay Sr
let me be the first one.
Try fine aftershaves. all of them smell great but in particular, platinum, fresh vetiver, and l'orange noir are my favorites.
If you like the Nivea, then you should try Aqua Velva Ice Sport. Same scent family. Also try the original AV Ice Blue.
I'm fairly young also, and have used both the Nivea original and energy q10 balms. I've also tried a couple of samples from Maggards, so here are some of my thoughts:

- I like the scent of Nivea original over the energy
- Out of the Fine line, I like platinum the most, followed by original, l'orange noir, and then fresh vetiver (a bit too musty and earthy)
- Speick is enjoyable and reminds me of a floral scent, but does not last long. I like it maybe a bit less than Fine original, but more than l'orange noir.
- I heard many good things about Pinaud Clubman, but I did not enjoy it at all. Initially smells like overly sweet baby powder, then the sickly sweetness fades and I'm left with something that reminds me of play-doh.
- The scent I've liked the most by far is Dr. Harris Arlington, and smells like lemon with a hint of something herbal. I'm saving up for a full sized bottle of this and will definitely purchase it once my current bottle of Nivea is finished.
Thank you so much for the suggestions everyone..
You guys can also suggest anything else it would be much appreciated.. I just wish there a place close to me I could try smelling all these items and pick which works for me or some kind of sample pack try out..
I picked up a bottle of Adidas Dynamic Pulse on a whim the other day and considering I purchased it for a 5 spot I was not disappointed. You should be able to find it locally. The Barbasol offerings are also decent for the investment.
I'm fairly young also, and have used both the Nivea original and energy q10 balms.

I bought some of the Energy Q10 but I've never seen the original. In fact, very few of the original (dark blue) Nivea products have recently been on the shelves here. At least since I've adopted this little hobby of ours.
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