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New Acquisitions for restoration!

Both arrived in the mail today from different corners of the world... a Henckels #28 and an F. Koeller & Co. Sta-Sharp.

The Henckels has some surface rust, mainly needing just polishing, cleaning, and resetting the bevel. The Sta-Sharp, however, needs some more work. Its scales are warped and cracked so I will be looking for some replacement scales, hopefully from another Sta-Sharp (fingers crossed) so if anybody sights one in poor shape yet where the scales are salvageable please let me know.

Even in the shape that it is in that Sta-Sharp has a wonderfully smooth shave!

With the Sta-Sharp no, I'm still hoping to find some old scales from a donor, no luck so far. The other alternative is just to rescale it in as close a style as possible. I might try to find someone who can do the silver etching on the handle as well. I've been successful in unpinning it and saving the bolsters.

The Henckels? Sure, polished it right up and reset the bevel and gave it a good shave the other day! Good razor but still not one of my favorites. That would be my Torrey!
Maybe the pictures aren't clear enough, but it looks like the scales can be restored. I would try some sandpaper and buffing. You may be surprised.
No, they are badly warped and apparently due to the bad warping I guess a previous owner trying to force them open/closed they snapped clean through beneath the bolster at the pin on the tang end of the scales.

I bought these fully aware of this fact for a significant discount. The blade itself is worth it. If I end up not being able to find replacement factory scales I'll just either make some or buy some fancy-yancy scales suitable for this blade. The blade is a SMOOTH shaver!
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