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neutrogena shaving cream q

is it good? i saw it at a bargain bin and is the same price as the kiss my face creams i buy. i use a brush with my creams so if this is a brushless cream perhaps i will not buy. i ask because we do not have this neutrogena product in my country and only saw it at an imported goods store so i will buy the stock they have if it is good.
All the neutrogena shave creams I have seen are brushless and won't lather.
Just because it says brushless doesn't mean you can't use it with a brush. And just because it doesn't lather, doesn't mean it won't give you a good shave.

Personally, I haven't used the Neutrogena shave cream, but based on their other products that I have used, and I liked them all (especially their clear soap,) I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the cream and give it a try.
yeah the liquid soap is a staple of mine since my pimply teenage years. :laugh:

that sucks though since i have a brush already. isn't kiss my face also supposed to be brushless? i've tried it without the brush and it sucked. i seemed to have used much more than when i use a brush.

if it won't lather then what's the point? perhaps that's it though. i should try one first before i horde all the stock lol! i think it looked like this except with more french.

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