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Neutrogena Hair and Body Wash

Has anyone tried this stuff? I picked some up the other day, on a whim. Even though I think the idea that men are too stupid to deal with more than one product is hilarious, I like this stuff. It leaves my hair pretty soft and is easy on the skin.

SWMBO pointed out that it's probably basically baby shampoo, which is just that - a gentle shampoo that can also be used as a soap.

I use Neutrogena's T-Gel shampoo in my rotation--its the only thing that stops my dandruff--great stuff.

Haven't tried this product, though.
This stuff is actually a very nice body cleanser. I usually can't use drugstore cleansers without having a nice acne breakout on my chest and back (so much for acne being a teenager problem :mad: ), but I have been fine using it. Wouldn't use it on my hair unless I absolutely had to, though.
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