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Neuotroegena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

found this in the medicine cabinet that my wife uses.. I must say that this makes a great post shave balm. works really well... dries to a smooth finish, not sticky or oil. feels good on the skin. I am going to buy myself some for myself..
its about 14 bucks but there is a lot in the jar. worth a shot for anyone wanting to try something different.

its funny, one of the reasons we promote DE shaving is the cost savings over cartridges. I found that after I switched over many years ago, I spend more money than I ever did. I have over 20 DE razors, found better creams and soaps recently so spending more money on that, more money on trying different balms and aftershaves, blades etc. I think I am spending more money than the old days but thats ok.. the DE shave experience is worth every penny.
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