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Just bought a Nespresso machine today and i'm really impatient to use it.
I've already got a Senseo home and now Nespresso my wife is going to kill me again!!:mad:
LOL, kill you .................. again??

I had a couple of coffees out of one of those and I must say, it wasn't too bad. Biggest turn-off for me was the capsules and mail delivery. Just something about going into my local roaster and getting something fresh out of the heater!!!


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We have a number of Nespresso machines at work. They're nice and quick, easy to clean, and the coffee is decent. You do get stuck buying coffee from one manufacturer, which is a big negative for me, but they frequently introduce new varieties.
I've had one for about 5 years. It makes excellent espresso!! EXCELLENT! A tip-let the machine warm up a bit before you make your coffee and it will be quite hot. If you are putting a sweetener in, do it in the cup BEFORE you let the coffee in so that you won't spoil the crema. If you want a cafe latte (my wife makes me one every morning) just scald some milk on the stove and gently pour it into the SAME CUP in which the coffee was in. In this way, you'll have the crema on top with the creamier part of the scalded milk. Now, you may feel these techniques are a bit MUCH, but just read some of the SOTD techniques and you will admit that technique rules!!

I also have one at work and we buy the coffee by the case from someone off ebay. I can't remember who but do a search. You may be able to get a few sleeves at a discount.

I use the Ristretto, and it is just like you get from a barrista in an italian cafe-well close enough.