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Needing something elegant for Winter.

Hey guys,

As winter is upon us, I am looking for a new fragrance to be wearing. I love it to make me smell classy and with deep tones. My last fragrance was A*men Pure Malt.

But what do you guys recommend for an elegant winter?

Thanks very much!
^Tabac is indeed a nice winter choice!

Thanks guys, Ive started out by getting some Creed Royal Oud, next ill try some of the other suggestions, if you have more suggestions. Let me know :)

Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum. The dark green bottle. I heard there is now a reform out that is less dark green and the center label is silver rather than black. I have not tried this one yet.

This is (to me) a great winter/fall vetiver. Performance ROCKS too.
I would go with tom ford Oud wood! It's very classy, rich and deep.very little oud but great introduction. My all time favorite is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille though. It's just such a great fragrance. It's a powerhouse though
Tom Ford has a few that might serve, like Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, Italian Cypress, Tuscan leather...

Some more of my faves are Yatagan by Caron and L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer.
Some great suggestions so far. OP - have you tried Amouage Jubilation XXV? Hard to find something more elegant for the cool weather.
Knize Ten is one of the greatest ever! Anyone know where you can get it online nowadays?
If you're in the US LuckyScent has it. I ordered some samples that included Knize Ten. The order included a 20% discount on my next order so I used it to buy a full bottle of Knize Ten.
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