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Needing Brush Recommendatio

Good morning, fellas.

I've been using a cheap $20 brush for about two years now. I've never been able to get the lather quite right. I've tried every tip and watched every video available. I'm starting to think my brush might be the culprit.

First off, I would rather not spend $100. Also, even though I tend to use creams, I would like a brush that could be used on soaps, as well. Not too hard, not too soft.

Let the recommendations begin.
If you don't want too big brush - Simpsons Berkeley
If you want bigger and denser - Simpsons Commodore
If you want a soft lather beast - Vulfix 2234
If you feel adventurous - get a handle and a Finest 2-band knot from The Golden Nib and glue them together.

Now sit and relax - boar, synthetic, and horse brushes suggestions are coming... Good luck with finding the right one for you.
We know the first requirement is NOT spending $100. Knowing the answers to some additional questions will help with recommendations.

How much would you like to spend?
How do you lather: bowl, face, or hand?
What shape of brush do you like: bulb, fan, or semi-round top?
Do you want something that exfoliates and is more scritchy) or something more luxurious and softer?
Do you have a preference for type of hair: boar, badger, or synthetic?

Here's a few random ideas just to make some suggestions. Semogue 830's are boar, but from the start, mine was a soft as any badger I have, and it was only $24+shipping from Lee's Razor. I have Duke 1 from The Superior Shave in best badger that cost $48 or so, and it's also wonderful. Small enough and soft enough to face lather but large enough for bowl lathering... with a smaller bowl anyway. The Superior Shave (and others) have a ton of Simpson brushes in the $40-70 range that are fantastic. I have a synthetic Muhle silvertip fibre with 21mm knot that is pretty darn good for the $35 shipped from Connaught.

But let's hear about how you're going to use it and what some of your preferences are.
I like the T&H Silvertip Badger brushes. Style 1 is one that I have. Plus, you can use the BB12 code for a discount.
Vulfix 2234 as was mentioned by edgerunner. One of my softest brushes and can really make some great lather from either creams or hard soaps.

My other recommendation would be a synthetic, primarily the Muhle Black Fibre.
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