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Need your help!

Today the mailman delivered a package to our house from Brazil. The package was clearly addressed to me. However, inside there was a straight razor, but no letter, note or else. I do not use straights, nor do I restore, hone or make new scales.
The razor is (what I can say without being a specialist in the st8 field) in excellent condition.

It is a Timor Hamburg Ring from Giessen und Forsthoff, Solingen, Germany. The scales are light colored buffalo horn.

The senders name is Eduardo S... P... from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I tried the e-mail given on the shipping paper, but it came back as undeliverable. This is not a cheap razor, the value is given with $270.

If someone here is the person that has sent the razor, or the one who should have received it - please let me know.
Have you ordered anything recently? Have you ever ordered anything that could have come from the same person or company?

Worst case scenario you could write an actual letter on paper and mail it.
Strange that the return email address is not valid....perhaps the Brazilian has little English language skills,and misread posts about your brush repairs...Even then,when sending anything in for repair you figure a letter of some sort should accompany the item.
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