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Need some input gents on blade tryout

Ok, so I've explained being away from the forums since 2015, and some have seen the PIF I'm running in the newbie forum.

The idea is, I went crazy like most is one way or another when I started. With a "budget" mindset, instead of buying sample packs to try blades or use tryablande (more expensive for just a few blades) I found deals on bulk packs of blades for trying out.
I ended up with quite a collection.
For the past 5 years I've been using GSB happily with a few razors and my favorite soaps.
Then a couple weeks ago out of nowhere my interest was renewed in the hobby side of this shaving chore. I've been enjoying shaving still, but you know what I mean I hope.

So first thing I did was throw a personal red IP in my 37c (not a good combo from what I remembered) and it went great!!!
Then tried in krona and again it was great!!!
Well then I was off to the races with that same blade trying different razors. All worked well.
This made me realize that what I thought of these and other blades may not be the same now that I have 5+ years under my belt.

So finally getting to what I'm asking.
This is purely a subjective thread asking opinions.

What I'd like to know is what blades from this list should I try and why.

This is the list of what I have now.
So far I've tried GSB obviously, personna red IP, and new Wizamet iridium super.
Throughout the life of this thread I'm sure I'll be trying blades and adding to that list that I've tried but it won't let me edit it past however long until its locked.

Personna Lab blue USA
Personna Med prep USA
Personna blue Israeli Crystal
Personna red Israeili
Gillette Silver blues
Gillette platinum
Gillette nacet stainless
Gillette 7oclock super platinum (black)
Gillette 7oclock super stainless (green)
Gillette 7oclock sharpedge (yellow)
Derby Extra pre-2016
Derby extra post-2016
Derby premium
Derby USTA (master)
Supermax platinum
Supermax super platinum
Supermax titanium
Shark super chrome
Shark super stainless
Shark platinum
Lord platinum class
Treet platinum
Treet black beauty (carbon steel)
Perma sharp super (gold pack)
Astra SP (green)
Astra SS (blue)
Bic chrome platinum
Wizamet iridium super
Polsilver super iridium

Also what I think are personna german reds (israeli red "platinum chrome" made in Germany) that came in 100 pack although have a blue and black wrapper that says comfort coated. These were in place of the listing I used for personna lab blues on Amazon back in 2015. I hope this doesn't mean they aren't making lab blues anymore. :-/

At any rate please post what you think I should try next and why. I have many razors but maybe list your favorite to use said blade in. I have many, but definitely not all. Especially anything released after 2015 besides my just ordered fatip and schone since my fatip grande is before the mold change and was curious.

Thanks all for the suggestions!!! It's hard for me to decide, but as time goes on I will and after all it was this forums knowledge and opinion that got me started and taught me what I use today.
You enjoy some of my favorite blades also, On the ones that are crossing from the Sharp & smooth into the Sharpest categories are the ones I enjoy IMO. Its just a simple way of expressing my thoughts on different blades and it just a ball park quick view. I have enough blades for now and know my favorites, The top five DE blades in the sharp & smooth crossing over into the Sharpest are my favorities.
Blade Review #6.3 June 26th 2020 (3).jpg
Have some great shaves! Stay & think safe in these times!
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